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Post by sk8_board-[DO] » Mon May 17, 2004 12:06 am

Damn guys, you all broke up,

I've bean checking the web page on and off for a while, but I havent bean able to play or use IRC due to the fact that I now rock the mac. Yeah i know what you saying, a mac wtf? but im a graphic designer and its apple or die in this industry these days.

I just read that post on the front page, If anyone reads this, I just want to say that it was really fun back in the early days playing. Climbing those ladders was great. Its one thing to join a clan that is good, but its another story to build one from the ground up.

I can rememer all the tryouts, and STA Bronze, and schooling all those shitty bottom rung OGL jokers who didnt even have an IRC chan.

I also remember having to use pirated Roger Wilco, cracked Gamespy, ICQ, and some great pickup matches.

It was fun, our site has changed like 4 times, and if you are really remember the old shit, place that tag on the end of your name and remember the merger that kind of went down with that Armageddon clan? Dark Arnagedon? damn that was lame. ok thats all, if anyone wants to drop me a line the email is: erikb42@hotmail.com

- sk8

Oh yeah and Worship, if you see this, Iron Maiden mother fucker.

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